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2010 First Fly...

was well attended as you can see from the pictures below.

Thanks to Marc and Barry for providing the pictures and video of the event.

dsc01737.jpg dsc01738.jpg dsc01740.jpg
dsc01741.jpg dsc01744.jpg dsc01746.jpg
dsc01747.jpg dsc01749.jpg dsc01752.jpg
dsc01754.jpg dsc01756.jpg dsc01763.jpg

Barry Hanna sent these images.

Pictures : Marc Huot

CHEO Foundation Project

On Friday November 5th 2010 a delegation from Discount Hobbies and the Stetson Flyers (a local radio control flying club) met with representatives from CHEO and the CHEO Foundation to install a new Great Planes RealFlight Simulator and to present CHEO with $1565.00 in donations collected from the Stetson members. Shown in the picture from left to right are Deanna Lawson, CHEO Clinical Facilitator; Julie Milks, CHEO MDV Manager; Robert Pigeon, CHEO Child Life Specialist; Richard Robichaud, Discount Hobbies Owner; John Jackson, Stetson Flyers Treasurer. The Flight Simulator was installed in a separate room reserved for teen-aged patients.

The project began when Richard Robichaud of Discount Hobbies encountered some situations in his store that made him stop and reflect. On two separate occasions, Richard noticed parents bringing teenagers to the store who appeared to be out on a visit from the hospital, still sporting their hospital admission bracelets. You could surmise from their appearance that they were likely undergoing cancer treatments. On both occasions, these two teenagers migrated to the RealFlight Simulator station and were having a great time flying Radio Control aircraft and for a few minutes, forgetting about their medical problems. After 45 minutes, the parents had to persuade them to leave the store. Richard was really touched and decided to see if he could do something about it and help to make their situation less difficult, for both the parents and their teenagers.

Richard contacted Louise Corriveau, Planned Gifts Coordinator from the CHEO Foundation and found there is a real need for the teenagers being treated at CHEO. There are lots of toys and stuffed animals for the toddlers and under-10 crowd, but much less for the older teenagers who are being treated.

Richard contacted Great Planes and made financial arrangements to order a full RealFlight simulator station. The flight simulator has an authentic radio control and allows you to fly a model airplane or helicopter at a flying field. Richard mentioned his initiative to Dan Marcotte, President of the Stetson Flyers who in turn got the club membership involved in this worthy community project. Richard has always been there to support Stetson's Flying Events and felt that this was a great opportunity for the club to give something back to the community.

After Richard made his presentation to the Stetson Members, donations of $1565.00 were collected to accompany the flight simulator. Stetson Club Members also assisted with the modifications needed to make the simulator station ready for the hospital such as lowering the keyboard shelf and adding wheels.

A presentation about Richard's initiative was made to those attending the Annual Zone Meeting of Model Aeronautics Association of Canada as an example to other flying clubs as to how they might contribute to the community.

A special thanks goes out to all the Stetson members for their donations of time and money and especially to Richard Robichaud of Discount Hobbies for donating the Flight Simulator and making project a reality.

Stetson Executive

The 2010 Stetson New Flyers Event was held on October 2, 2010.

This event is held annually to celebrate all new flyers to the Stetson club and to present wings to those who successfully passed the exam & test and to acknowledge the dedication and hard work of our instructors.

Looking like a typical Flight School day except for the number of people present, there were many trainers both on the ground an in the air throughout the day.

Many thanks go to all of those who volunteered and helped make the event a great success and thanks also to Discount Hobbies who donated one of the Flight School trainers.

A great day had by all and it was excellent to see the 'new blood' participate and active in a club event. Thanks to Hal MacDonald for shooting the day.


p1014397.jpg p1014404.jpg p1014408.jpg p1014423.jpg
p1014428.jpg p1014439.jpg p1014450.jpg p1014479.jpg
p1014480.jpg p1014506.jpg p1014511.jpg p1014523.jpg
p1014529.jpg p1014532.jpg p1014534.jpg p1014545.jpg
p1014569.jpg p1014588.jpg p1014594.jpg p1014600.jpg
p1014603.jpg p1014610.jpg p1014623.jpg p1014641.jpg
p1014650.jpg p1014652.jpg p1014677.jpg p1014701.jpg
p1014703.jpg p1014711.jpg p1014712.jpg p1014725.jpg
p1014746.jpg p1014768.jpg p1014786.jpg p1014797.jpg
p1014848.jpg p1014858.jpg p1014864.jpg p1014867.jpg
p1014886.jpg p1014899.jpg p1014956.jpg p1015052.jpg
pi014887.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)001.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)002.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)003.jpg
sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)004.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)005.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)006.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)007.jpg
sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)008.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)009.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)010.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)011.jpg
sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)012.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)013.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)014.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)015.jpg
sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)016.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)017.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)018.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)019.jpg
sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)020.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)021.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)023.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)024.jpg
sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)025.jpg sflyers students funfly (oct 2010)029.jpg

Pictures : Hal MacDonald.

Spektrum AR2650... receivers have been recalled.

If you use this receiver, read more here.. You would be well advised to check any Spektrum product.

The 2010 Stetson Giant Scale Rally was held on September 11 & 12 2010.

A breezy but good weathered day made for many flights.

Once again there was a good array of aircraft types and sizes, from scale warbirds to giant aerobats and everything in between.

Many thanks go to all of those who volunteered and helped make the event a great success, whom without none of this would happen. Thanks also to Discount Hobbies who sponsored the event.

Thank you all very much!


img_1407.jpg img_1411.jpg img_1422.jpg img_1426.jpg
img_1430.jpg img_1437.jpg img_1443.jpg img_1459.jpg
img_1545.jpg img_1580.jpg img_1595.jpg img_1606.jpg
img_1625.jpg img_1677.jpg img_1708.jpg img_1711.jpg
img_1748.jpg img_1764.jpg img_1797.jpg img_1805.jpg

Pictures : Simon Goose Nadler. More pictures are available on the Stetson Gallery and full coverage is available here...

Pictures of our glorious field... were way overdue for updating on the Stetson website. Dan discovered some new-found photographic skills and set about capturing how great our field is in pictures.

The resulting images are now linked for visitors to our website on the Flying Field link on the left, to see our field first-hand and to hopefully be inspired to visit/join us.

Thanks Dan!

Hot on the heels... of his efforts for the Stetson Flight School and soon after the 2010 Stetson Heli Fun Fly comes Barry Hanna's latest video to share with you all.

Watch several of the days pilots take to the sky (click the picture)...

Thanks a lot Barry!

The 2010 Stetson Heli Fun Fly was held today August 7, 2010 on what can only be described as a perfect day.

What breeze there was ran straight down the runway from the West and helped to keep everyone cool in the 22°C temperatures.

18 registered pilots and 38 helicopters filled the pits and many more public spectators spent the day at the Stetson field entertained by everything from very small to very large heli's, aerobatics to scale flights and more.

Joe Smith was the star for aerobatics and regularly had people oohing and ahhing at his seemingly impossible flights. Brad Hullin flew his beautiful scale ship in Breitling livery and Don Dow flew the only turbine powered helicopter at the event.

Keep an eye out for Jason Richards stunning scale heli in Canadian colors which didn't fly today but still made quite an impact.

Many thanks go to all of those who volunteered and helped make today's event a great success, whom without none of this would happen. Thanks also to Discount Hobbies who sponsored the event.

Thank you all very much!


img_0649.jpg img_0658.jpg img_0659.jpg img_0681.jpg
img_0685.jpg img_0690.jpg img_0696.jpg img_0701.jpg
img_0707.jpg img_0715.jpg img_0722.jpg img_0735.jpg
img_0757.jpg img_0760.jpg img_0781.jpg img_0795.jpg
img_0799.jpg img_0901.jpg img_0906.jpg img_0908.jpg
img_0912.jpg img_0915.jpg img_0916.jpg img_0920.jpg
img_0922.jpg img_0923.jpg img_0931.jpg

Pictures : Simon Goose Nadler. More pictures are available on the Stetson Gallery and full coverage is available here...

Hal MacDonald sent through some of his pictures of the Stetson Heli Fun Fly as well...

Thanks Hal!

p1010368_resize.jpg p1010369_resize.jpg p1010374_resize.jpg p1010378_resize.jpg
p1010383_resize.jpg p1010386_resize.jpg p1010393_resize.jpg p1010399_resize.jpg
p1010428_resize.jpg p1010447_resize.jpg p1010460_resize.jpg p1010461_resize.jpg
p1010463_resize.jpg p1010472_resize.jpg p1010477_resize.jpg p1010478_resize.jpg
p1010479_resize.jpg p1010483_resize.jpg p1010487_resize.jpg

The combined Ed Rae Memorial Fun Fly and Stetson Classic and Warbird Event...

... was held on Saturday June 26, 2010 and got off to a wet start. The showers were not enough to keep pilots and spectators away although the shelter was full of people and equipment until lunch time.

32 pilots from 3 clubs registered for the event and brought a plethora of aircraft types and sizes.

The Stetson club was very privileged to have several members of Ed Rae's family attend and a small ceremony including a minute of silence was MC'd by Gerry Nadon.

Several other past members were also remembered including Bill Pryde, Ford Sommerville, Serge Martin, Mike Hughson and Stu Poulin.

Pictures from the event can be found on the Stetson Gallery and full coverage here...

Many thanks to all the hard-working volunteers, organizers and members that made the event happen and to our sponsor Discount Hobbies.

See you next year!

The Stetson Flyers Image Gallery...

... is finally available. After considerable time and effort trying to locate, configure, install and debug a free imaging system that satisfies a majority of our needs, 4Image was chosen and put in place.

As a registered member, you will now be able to share your pictures with your fellow club members, family and friends.

I have also prepared a How-to document to get you started... click here to download a PDF document.

If you have any issues with the gallery, please let me know by email at gallery_admin@stetsonflyers.com

You can access the gallery using the new link in the sidebar menu...



2010 Stetson last monthly meeting...

Was held at D & S BBQ in Carlsbad Springs with over 40 people showing up to chat with friends and fellow members, enjoy a great dinner and endure the last meeting before the summer break.

Needless to say it was a great night and I am looking forward to the next one.

stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs11.jpg stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs12.jpg stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs16.jpg
stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs17.jpg stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs24.jpg stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs26.jpg
stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs4.jpg stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs5.jpg stetson flyers (25 may 2010) monthly meeting carlsbad springs9.jpg

Pictures : Hal MacDonald

2010 Stetson Field Cleanup!

Saturday May 15 2010 was a great day for the field cleanup, with sunshine and a light breeze to keep from getting too hot.

Over 30 club members put in a full days work and the results are easy to see. Both the trailer and BBQ hut were leveled, pavers laid outside the trailer, fence repairs, everthing was painted, half a load of stone dust was distributed by an army of workers and so much more.

Louise headed a working party to clear the ditches and treeline down the driveway as well as planting trees and shrubs around the Stetson sign.

Thanks to everyone who got involved, you are all a great credit to the club!

p1017244.jpg p1017245.jpg p1017250.jpg p1017251.jpg
p1017254.jpg p1017255.jpg p1017257.jpg p1017262.jpg
p1017264.jpg p1017266.jpg p1017267.jpg p1017269.jpg
p1017272.jpg p1017275.jpg p1017285.jpg p1017302.jpg
p1017306.jpg p1017311.jpg p1017313.jpg p1017316.jpg

Pictures : Hal MacDonald

2010 Stetson Field Rules...

Have been added to the side menu for easy access. Students will need to read and understand these rules to pass the Wings exam.

Spending too much time on the computer...?

Join the Stetson Flyers Facebook Group!.

You will need a Facebook account to join. It's a great way to stay in touch with other members and even discuss issues, show off your builds etc...


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