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Updated 2023-03-06


In order to fly at the Stetson Flying Field a pilot must:

  1. Have a minimum of a Basic Pilot certificate and comply with all Canadian Aviation Regulations, including CAR Part IX regulations. Please note that altitudes are limited to 400 feet above ground level (AGL). (added 2023-02-26)
  2. Have a current MAAC and Stetson Flyers membership (effective 1st January).
  3. Be a qualified pilot, (having earned your Pilot Wings) and have demonstrated flight competency, MAAC safety, Stetson Flyers field and Etiquette rules, to the satisfaction of the Chief Flying Instructor (CFI).
  4. You should have proof of both with you when you come to the field. If you have no club membership, you can fly as a guest of a current (paid) member (see guest rules).
  5. If you have no MAAC membership, you cannot fly, no exceptions.

Click HERE to see temporary additional rules during the COVID-19 situation.


  1. ALL non-2.4 GHz transmitters will be placed in the impound stand when not in use.
  2. Do not switch on or remove non-2.4 GHz TX from the impound unless you have proper frequency pin installed on frequency control board. The definition of a "proper" frequency pin is 5/8" high by 2 7/8" wide and covers one frequency "slot" on the control board. The frequency pin must also indicate your name, frequency, and your valid MAAC number. Wide band radios are not to be used.
  3. No flying with fuel burning models before 9:00 AM, any day of the week.
  4. No Smoking in the Pits or on the Flight Line.
  5. No alcohol and flying.
  6. A successful radio equipment ground range check must be carried out before the first flight of the day.
  7. All aircraft must be restrained when running engines in the pits.
  8. Direct your slipstream away from other models and pilots.
  9. ONLY FIVE (5) AIRCRAFT in the air at any one time.
  10. No taxiing into or out of pit area.
  11. Observe posted take off and landing directions.
  12. R/C Pilots shall announce any intention to take-off, land or move onto the active runway.
  13. Flying over the pits or visitors observation area is not permitted.
  14. All MAAC safety regulations are to be followed. Copies available from the Club or from www.maac.ca.
  15. All engines must have mufflers.
  16. Pilots shall not deliberately fly an R/C aircraft without visual contact. (i.e. the aircraft must be kept within "line of sight" of the R/C Pilot).
  17. All safety incidents involving personal injury or damage to property shall be immediately reported (MAAC Accident/Incident Report) to MAAC and the Club executive. (paperwork located inside trailer)
  18. Children must be properly supervised at all times.
  19. Pets allowed in parking lot only, in a vehicle or on a leash. Not in the spectator/pit area. Please practice "poop and scoop".
  20. The trailer door and gate chain must be locked by the last person to leave the field.

Field Etiquette

(MAAC-Stetson Flyers) 2010
  1. All Pilots/modelers shall respect the safety codes.
  2. Pilots/modelers shall restrict their use of the operating frequency when others are waiting.
  3. Pilots/modelers shall ensure that the operation of their model does not interfere with the enjoyment of the hobby/sport by others. These would include but are not limited to loud aircraft, unnecessary running of model engines in pit area, slipstream (propwash).
  4. Pilots/modelers are responsible for their guests or visitors including children and pets.
  5. Pilots/modelers shall be considerate when sharing the sky with other Pilots/modelers by operating their aircraft in a way not to interfere with others.
  6. Safety practices are required in the pit area. All MAAC members shall adhere to the following:
  7. Metal propellers shall not be used. Pure nylon propellers (does not include the glass filled type) shall not be used on engines of .40 cubic inch or larger. Repaired or damaged propellers shall not be used.
  8. Pilots shall ensure that no one is standing in line with the propeller arc of operating engines.
  9. Aircraft shall not be taxied in the pit area.
  10. Slipstream effects from running engines can be dangerous to all affected and models should be positioned to minimize these effects.
  11. Propellers shall be secured in accordance with the engine and propeller manufacturer's recommendations.
  12. Pilots are responsible for ensuring their spotter/helper is properly briefed regarding the carrying, testing, adjusting and general handling of the model aircraft.


Guest Pilots shall:

  1. Be accompanied and sponsored by a current Stetson Member Club Member in good standing,
  2. Have earned their wings, and have a current MAAC membership card with them,
  3. Use a R/C aircraft/helicopter and radio TX/RX equipment that is serviceable and safe to fly,
  4. Obey all MAAC and Stetson Field rules, and.
  5. Fly in a safe, courteous, and competent manner.


  1. The Stetson Flyers member, who brings a Guest Pilot, is responsible to ensure the Guest Pilot is familiar with MAAC and Stetson Field rules, and should remind the Guest Pilot of these rules as the need arises.
  2. After three visits (not including sanctioned events); a Stetson Flyer Membership will be required in order to continue flying at the Stetson Flyers Flying Field.
  3. Non-flying Guests: All non-flying guests are welcome to watch flying at the Stetson Field from the spectator area any time the field is open. No dog rule applies in the spectator and pit areas.





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