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March 1 was...

...the annual Stetson Flyers Winter Fun Fly event!

Even with a lot of snow early in the morning, 16 members, 2 visitor pilots from Perth and even a visiting pilot from Timmins showed up at the field for the event.

The snow stopped at about 1030 hrs and all the pilots enjoyed perfect winter conditions with almost no wind. No dead sticks and no crashes which made it a perfect flying day.

The fire barrel was kept well stocked and our perfect winter shelter with a stunning heater kept us warm between flights. We were also happy to get free coffees in the morning from Casselman McDonalds' restaurant (Thanks Sue for your connection). The Chili was perfect and buns were available for lunch, attending members and guests all had a great time and made for a very enjoyable event. Thanks to all who organized and participated to make this a success!

Dan Marcotte, President.

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Pictures :Hal MacDonald

January 1 was...

the annual Stetson Flyers first fly event!

On a VERY cold and bright morning at 9AM, Jan 1, 2014, some 17 certifiably nutty members showed up to participate and cheer on the participants in the First Flight event.

With Hal doing the count-down to the 9 AM start, the electric powered herd were all crowding the rails and pit exits to be the first up at the sound of the horn!

Unfortunately even the horn froze up and quit, so Hal just had to yell! The electric boys were off in a cloud of snowflakes and electron dust, with Michel Lalonde officially credited with First off! Second was given to John Jackson, and third went to Nigel Chippendale. Well done guys! The Electric Crowd quickly filled the sky and were happily humming around all over the place.

Not to be left out of the fun, Pierre Coulombe and Gary Robertson were hard at work trying to coax their glow engines into life. At -21C, that is a challenge!

After a few false starts from Gary's trusty OS55, and a lot of grunting and muttering from Pierre as he muscled his Saito 4 stroke alive, it was Gary getting airborne first, followed shortly by Pierre. Gary managed to pull off the first dead-stick after about 5 minutes flying. Turns out the fuel pick-up was so stiff it couldn't follow the fuel... Pierre got a first of the year dose of Murphy's Law, as it turned out he had a bad starter battery...for some reason it objected to -21! Imagine that!

Goose submitted his annual offering to the weather gods in the form of a burning sacrifice in the hopes of good weather for the upcoming season.

President Dan and the Sue/Hal MacDonald Team were hard at the event preparation. Dan was shoveling snow at 7AM to get ready!

Sue and Hal presented trophies and awards to the victors! Lots of good hot Tim Hortons coffee and no-cal(??) donuts provided sustenance in the shelter.

Funny how there were many more people IN the shelter than OUT watching the flying...maybe that -30 windchill had something to do with it?

Thanks to the organizers for getting us up and away for 2014!

Now it's official! The New Year has started!

Happy Flying, everyone.

Gary Robertson

Click the picture above for the full album, share and enjoy!

Stetson Web History...

Tuesday February 25, 2014 is the next scheduled meeting at the Aviation Museum. Catch up with club members and let everyone know what you have been upto this winter.

Meeting starts at 7:30, come around to the back door.

March 2014 Newsletter Available!

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The St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic High School in Russell... weather station is back up and running and according to John Jackson, and is finally a 24/7 operation. That's great news for us as we are unsure whether we will have luxury of Dave Colpits on-site system this year. St. Thomas Aquinas CHS is 9.8km SSE of the Stetson field.

Click here for Stetson field weather history & details.

Click here for the St. Thomas Aquinas CHS weather history & details.

Click here for a map of the field for weather.

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